Why Your Self Talk Matters

Start Using It to Change Your Life

Imagine an ocean liner crossing the sea with the captain barking out commands to crew members located in the hold of the ship, below the water line. The captain is like the conscious mind, the crew like the subconscious. When the captain states a command, the crew responds and carries out the orders precisely, not caring if the ship runs into rocks or gets to its destination safely. It is nonjudgemental and does not question the captain of the ship. The conscious and subconscious are two areas of the same mind. 

You don’t get what you want in life— you get what you expected unless what you want and what you expect are the same. Your self-concept is created by your self-talk and your self-concept determines your performance in any area of your life.

You may have many self-concepts. For example, you may have a high concept as a skier, but the low self-concept as a golfer. Your subconscious works to ensure your performance is consistent with your self-concept, for better or for worse. 

You didn't come into the world with a belief, attitude or opinion about anything. You were not born Democrat or Republican, Catholic or Protestant-- with beliefs of how the world should be.

Through the input, you receive from your parents, siblings, and others, you form some concepts about who you are, areas that you seem to excel in, and areas where you come up short. By the time you reach six years of age, many of your self-concepts have been formed--not so much by the words you hear from others but how you interpret and reinforce those words with your own self-talk. 

Your self-talk creates your self-concept.  There is a one-to-one relationship between your self-concept and your performance. To improve your performance or effectiveness, you need to improve your self-concept by deliberately creating a new language that describes your new desired result. Through repetition, your revised self-talk provides new instructions to your subconscious which immediately goes to work to fulfill these new orders. The subconscious does not argue what is right or wrong or what may be best for you-- it simply does what it's told by the conscious mind. So, to change your life, change your self-talk-- you'll be amazed at the results!


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